Fractions car race game


That part of a whole?Oh, fractions! The word sends shivers to most primary graders! It’s no fun at all. And kids often struggle with fractions not because of basic math, but more of seeing the whole picture. But, playing this car driving games on fractions lets children see a different perspective on the equation and win the car race game. Circles and squares help children see the whole picturethat has been divided into halves, quarters, or eighths.Regions are colored into two so the child understands which region the question is asking about. You might ask your child, "How much is the shaded part?" and he or she might reply "Two-eights," because they are counting shaded parts pointed out in the game. Playing games and involving them on this e-learning site will start their fraction understanding. This will help kids appreciate fractions using an easy-to-understand visual flashed on the screen.