Counting Objects car race game

Counting objects

"Look! Two apples!" andanother, "15 pepper mills! Vroom, vroom!" Children are having a grand experience playing car driving games on counting objects.Not only they get entertained, but it’s one way of enhancing their counting skills. This online gameallows children to identify and count objectsand recognize written numerals they choose in relationship with the objects. Each point they score to win the racing game is enough to encourage them to learn counting skills. This is a creative opportunity to teach them basic mathematical concepts without wearing their child's interest. With a car racing game, your little graders will be rewarded with a trophy on how much they scored. Join in the fun and show your child how counting applies to everyday life. Use objects in the kitchen which is similar in the game and cheer up as they reinforce these skills. Play this game and make your little racer for him or her to learn all about one-to-one correspondence skills:the ability to point and recognize the objects given, count them simultaneously, and recognize the words and numerals associated with it.