Addition car race game


Rev up your engines and your brains with this car driving games on addition! Math doesn’t have to be boring. Buckle up and drive your way 1st to the finish line over the correct sum. Through 16 laps, err, equations, boost your car with the correct answer to advance on the tracks. Practice adding numbers from one to 10 with friends and family to see how far you’ll go to the finish line. Try getting the perfect score of 160 points! Ideal for 1st to 6th graders, your child will benefit from the math visual guides on the upper screen to recognize the calculations. When you hit the wrong sum, you’ll fall behind other racers. You don’t want that to happen, do you? No. A true racer knows no defeat! At an early age, kids have an adamant fear over mathematical equations. As a parent or teacher, turn their fears away with this fun game. Trust us; your little racers won’t get tired of it. Wheel be sure of that!