About us

My name in Mphoweh Jude N and I am a Montreal based teacher. My passion for teaching was inspired by my dad who was a teacher for over 35 years. This passion has been exemplified through several teaching related activities practiced over the years; from homeschooling my nieces and nephews to working as a teaching assistant in the university. I currently teach several disciplines to foreign and local students here in Montreal – Canada. Although my main focus is digital marketing, my diverse academic background lends me to teaching other disciplines like traditional marketing, business, sustainable development, tourism etc. Talking of diverse academic backgrounds, I hold 3 masters degrees in Geography and Tourism. is a project that was inspired by other eLearning projects I created in the past. The uniqueness of the current site is its heavy focus on video games as a medium of teaching math to children from preschool to 7th grade. The site is a joint effort of teachers, web developers, programmers and content creators from different parts of the world. This project is a work in progress. We constantly upgrade our content as the need arises. We are currently innovating to adapt to the current needs of parents who need extra homeschooling resources as well as for teachers who need extra materials to supplement their regular course.