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The variety is endless; we have math games like the wheel of fortune, snakes and ladders, rally games, pirate games, basketball game, dinosaur game, crocodile game, war zone game & more.

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The concept of rolling a dice, moving spaces forward and avoiding obstacles is the principle of most popular board games. We have blended this basic principle into online math elearning games.

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Teachers are always in search of materials that are ready made for the classroom. This section is a collection of free math powerpoint games which teachers can use as team games at school.

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A wide variety of k-7 math topics are covered with varied math resources like games, worksheets, puzzles and more. Start with basic skills in addition and subtraction to complex topics in algebra and more.

Popular games

This is a math game built around the idea of a frog attempting to get home while swimming through a swamp. The swamp contains obstacles like crocodiles that are ready to eat the frog as well as wild birds the frog has to escape from. To help the frog escape from these obstacles, students have to solve problems and find the correct answer.

Interactive word search puzzles based on a math theme. In these puzzles, students are asked to find the names of numbers in a complex blend of letters. Each time you find the correct name, the number is struck off. This game improves the critical thinking ability of players. Children love these games.

Dive into the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and wild predators. In this game, players are required to accompany a boy home. However it is a dangerous mission as the road contains wild dinosaurs. To arrive at the final destination, students have to answer as many questions as possible.

This is a war themed game with the goal being to facilitate the journey of a soldier to safety through a war zone. Each time, players will roll the dice to enable the boy to move forward a number of spaces. However, the most important is to solve as many math problems as possible. Each time you solve a problem correctly, you get another chance to roll the dice and move forward a number of spaces. This game is so much fun; players will also earn points until they arrive at the final destination.

This is a pirate themed board game played online. It features an interactive online board game containing a dice to roll and obstacles to avoid. The goal is to arrive at the final destination, which in this case is the treasure island. However, you must answer all questions correctly to get a chance to arrive at the island otherwise the pirate will attack you in your attempt and send you back to start. The worst thing no player wants to encounter is a pirate because they will send you back to start.

You surely guessed it; this game is a rally game containing three contenders trying to cross the finish line. To win this race, children have to solve questions that show up and select the correct answer among a set of choices. The ultimate goal is to cross the finish line having accumulated points along the way. The underlying goal of this game is to enable children to review math skills on varied topics and at different levels. The car rally also has a great feature since it provides instant feedback as players take each test.

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