Math Jungle Board Games

Addition one to ten Jungle Board Game

Adding doubles game jungle board game

Add 3 Digit Number

Addition of Zero

Division Game

Odd and Even Numbers

Multiply by Single Digit Game

Multiplication by Ten Game

Multiply by Five Digits Game

Number Spelling > 20 Game

Number Spellings Up to 20

Order of Operations Game

Pre-Algebra Addition Game

Pre-Algebra Subtraction Game

Prime and Composite Numbers Game

Roman Numerals Game

Subtraction 3 Digit Number Game

2 Digit Subtraction Number Game

Subtraction up to 20 Game

This page features a list of math jungle board games online. Yes you heard it "jungle" games. The concept is built around the animals and possible events that could happen if you get lost in the jungle. There is a girl lost in the jungle and trying to find her way home. On her way she encounters several wild animals. Her ability to navigate the jungle is determined by the outcome of a dice and your ability to solve as many problems as possible correctly. This elearning game is free and online and children in various levels will find it useful for their math class. Teachers can use it as a teaching resource just like parents. Students will review varied math concepts while having fun. This game is interactive and easy to use for practice since students can get instant feedback and track their progress as they go. In the end the final score will indicate to you how much progress you have made in mastering a skill. If you need more practice, print out worksheets on relevant topics and keep practicing. Math topics covered include: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, proportions, graphs, linear equations, pre-algebra, algebra II, spatial sense, logic and word problems, money, counting and numbers etc. The page covers activities for several levels of math. This depends on what part of the world you are, but in the current case it covers: preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade. Have fun playing and learning while hoping the girl goes through the jungle unhurt.