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Fractions with square

Multiplications of fractions

Order of operations game

Division no remainders

Missing sheep add 3 digit numbers game

Memory addition of multiples of ten game

Addition with carrying

Adding doubles

Missing sheep addition of zero

Basketball addition of doubles

Adding 3 digit numbers

Algebraic expression

Subtraction up to 20

Crocodile subtraction with pictures

Numbers up to ten thousand

War basic multiplication game

Crocodile multiplication by single digit

Dragon multiply by 2 game

Multiplication five digits

Multiplication by ten

Memory percentages

Zombie catchers counting objects

Number spelling above 20

Number spelling above 20

Spelling numbers game

Spelling numbers to 20

Spelling numbers to 20 quiz

Roman numerals

Prime and composite numbers

Prime and composite numbers

Metric system

Snake ladder addition one to ten game

Place value game

Basketball addition 1-10 game

Addition with pictures

Adding things 1-5

Addition of zero

Zombie catchers addition

Place value to hundreds

Car-race value to thousands

Car race even odd numbers

Catch match subtraction

Space subtraction 1 to 10

Pirate subtraction 3 digits

Zombie catchers subtraction 3-digits

Missing sheep subtraction 2 digits

Division game

Division of multiples of ten

Quiz division game

Convert fractions decimals

Fractions to decimals

Identifying fractions with pictures

Catch match count by tens











Quiz even odd numbers

Space counting by fives

Catch-match count by fives

Comparing two fractions

Dragon comparison game

Dinohunter Comparing fractions

Crocodile even odd numbers

Wheel of fortune decimal to fractions

Comparing with shapes

Zombie catchers comparing game

Memory rounding to hundred

Shapes geometry game

Crocodile counting objects

Area of circle

Car race shapes game

Dino time

Fractions to decimal

Time-math game

Telling time quarter

Shapes and geometry

Crocodile addition of mixed fractions

Fractions shapes

Mixed operations

Addition of one

Addition one to ten

War addition one to ten

War counting objects

Basketball counting objects

Catch-match count by twos game

Counting to 10

Zombie-catchers area of rectangle square game

Basketball comparing game

Zombie-catchers shapes game

Crocodile shapes game

Basketball money game

Addition subtraction money game

Zombie catchers money game

Crocodile money game

War shapes and geometry game

Car-race money game

Math fun games suitable for children and arranged by grade / level. They include: crocodile & pirate waters board games, snakes and ladders games, math football games, math en garde duel games, fling the teacher math games, memory / concentration games, math game puzzles, basketball games, walk the plank math games and more.