Math Games for Grade 6

After learning mathematical terms and concepts, performing complex computations at early stages, grade 6 is a giant step towards student's math education. At this stage, students learn complex and challenging new terms, concepts, and related problems. They are introduced to the concept of algebra and equations, ratios and proportions, negative and rational numbers, estimations, and others. All these concepts are more complex compared to the ones they have already studied so far. To grasp these concepts, students must repeatedly practice until they have a solid base in mathematics. All this can be made enjoyable, interesting, and fun using the math games designed around these new concepts. These math games usually grade in real-time, track data and make students solve problems using visual cues. Games of which these concepts are drawn also sheet based, where kids can play with the concepts using the visual data given on the sheets. Sixth grade games in this page cover the following math topics:

Ratios and rates

Understanding ratios and rates

Rational numbers

Problems related to rational numbers and negative numbers

Algebraic equations

Algebraic equations and their use


Familiarity with statistics and important notions

Creating graphs

Interpreting data and creating graphs


Estimating quotients


Exponent evaluation


Multiplication with inequalities involved