Math Games for Grade 5

Grade 5 is the middle grade towards a long learning process at school. Students who have learned various concepts at early stages are groomed at this level to set the foundation for the next class. Your kids at grade 5 are likely to perform complex computation using fractions and decimals. They have to deal with real-world problems related to money, time, distance, and other units. They are also introduced to the idea of volume, so they gain knowledge about the concept of space too. Math games designed at this stage include practicing these concepts repeatedly to have a solid foundation. Despite dealing with the complex new techniques, these math games designed are easy, simple and fun for students. Your kids would easily learn new skills by practicing the games repeatedly. Math games at this stage usually include all related topics some of which are enlisted here.


Conversion, multiplication, and division of fractions and decimals.

Decimal operations

Understanding decimal operations

Whole number

Understanding whole number operations.


Estimating volumes


Problem-solving using the real-time distance measurement and units


Classification of four-sided shapes


Dealing with polygons

Conversion of numbers

Conversion of numbers from hundred, thousand and millions

Function tables

Understanding function tables