Math Games for Grade 3

Grade 3 mathematics is built on the foundations that students have gained some skills in the earlier stages. Your kids will develop a better understanding of whole numbers, shapes and fractions now. Since the students now learn new tools and techniques, there is a need to have these tools practised regularly so that they have a strong foundation of mathematics. Math games designed for this grade lead to high-quality learning and review opportunities. Complex concepts are implemented through interesting games that get students involved. These math games deal with several basic concepts in new and complex but interesting ways. Games include both working with worksheets work and playing with objects to understanding concepts. Amongst others, these games cover the following concepts:





Finding areas

Finding areas of the square, triangle and rectangle


Identification of fractions and their simplification


Rounding off numbers


Drawing several bar graphs by using data sets in a table.


Addition of numbers up to 1000


Comparison of sides and corners.


Comparison of fractions


Finding missing patterns.

Greatest and least

The concept of greatest and least

Finding change

Finding change in time and word problems

Kith and kin

Kith and kin between area and perimeters

Complex shapes

Categorise and compare complex shapes by their sides and angles