Grade 2 Math Games

Grade 2 is a stage where students are expected to perform more complex mathematical operations. Your kids get a new direction to learn the same concept differently. But this complexity of the concepts is easily achieved using fun math games. Through these games, learning and perfecting these skills does not remain an issue of understanding since these games make your children get involved in them with interest and joy. At this stage, students are enabled to lay the groundwork for more complex mathematical tasks. Kids learn the concept of multiplication, addition, money, patterns and subtraction in a new way. The impressions of these new ways are given to students through play and learning schemes. Many of the games involve:

Analysis of data

Analysis of data. This game enables kids to analyze a set of given shapes, numbers, and other items and separate them in categories.

Use of money

Understanding the use of money


The concept of multiplication through different counting methods.


Addition of triple-digit numbers and more.


Subtraction of triple-digit numbers and more.


Learning to identify patterns and use the rules to find the required data.


Grouping of numbers in tens and ones

Clock timings

Reading clock timings


Differentiating AM and PM


Matching analogue and digital clocks


Counting money in coins and paper