Grade 1 Math Games

In grade 1, math polishes students understanding of arithmetic operations, quantification, linear measurement and shape structure. Early concepts gained at kindergarten level after taken to the next level by introducing some variation and more complexity. These concepts are imparted to students through enjoyable math games. These games combine math practice with a play, which makes the achievement of these goals easy and interesting. Kids at this grade learn patterns. They also learn mental reasoning and develop effective problem-solving skills. Grade 1 mathematics enables children to learn basic concepts of time- telling, understand distance measurement and objects. The concept of space and earth and their difference is introduced. These concepts are illustrated through these math games, which enable kids to learn the basics in a good way. Games designed for grade 1 math involve including the following:


Addition concept up to 20


Subtraction concept up to 20

Make shape

Mixing different shapes to make a new shape

Models of shapes

Using the different models of shapes


Building the model's shapes


Understanding time


Identification of fractions of a shape

Part of shapes

Understanding the equal part of shapes.


Skip counting patterns and their identification